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Editorial Policy

Milkshake's content is culled together by our caring, inquisitive, well read, trend oriented editorial staff and expert contributors. We like to know everything that is going on in the world that combines giving back with newsworthy excitement. We have extremely supportive and generous advertisers who want to be seen on our Web site and daily emails because they too have great social messages to tell.

Occasionally we will send you a dedicated sponsor listing from our partners, including our advertisers. These advertorial features are clearly marked as "DEDICATED" listings and by a reference in the subject line. The content in these emails is paid for by our partners, and doesn't reflect Milkshake's editorial staff. We are often consulted on how to write the advertorials and are thrilled to help out - most of the time our partners are featuring a great cause that they are excited to support.

We trust that you will love getting MILKSHAKE™ everyday. We love providing it!

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