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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your criteria for selecting 'good finds that give back'?

  • LOVE: We have to love what we feature. We test, taste and talk to the people involved with almost every 'find' to ensure the authenticity of the story and educate our readers.
  • GOOD: All causes must pass our vetting process to ensure that they are viable organizations and that they donate a substantial portion of their proceeds to a charity or endeavor that is making an impact.
  • FINDS: We are always looking for a new take on a story, product, company or cause. We are a team of discoverers and our hope is to pass what we discover on to our reader.

Does every story have to be global in its focus?

We tend to have a scope that is more global than local, and it is important to us that every product, person or cause we feature can be supported from anywhere in the world. A product made in El Salvador by local artisans is available to a consumer in Augusta, Maine; a charity helping victims of a disaster in Haiti is fundraising in Hong Kong. There are no barriers to entry in the culture of giving back and our stories reflect that.

How do you find all of these amazing products, causes and people?

We read everything, talk to everyone and keep our eyes open to discovery of our next 'good find' everywhere we go! Our network of trendspotters hails from all over the globe (optional), and we welcome readers, causes, companies and products to send ideas our way at a

How can we learn more about advertising partnerships?

Click here for our media kit.

Love the name, but why Milkshake?

Because Milkshakes are GOOD!

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